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On December 17th you can help by listening to 93.9 Lite FM and Rock 95.5 FM and making a donation to support Lurie Children's Hospitals patients.

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Meet Opal - Last Christmas, Opal, 3, was waiting for a life-saving heart transplant in our Regenstein Cardiac Care Unit. At 15 months old, a routine pediatric visit turned into an extensive hospital stay when Opal went into cardiac arrest and was airlifted to Lurie Children’s. Referred to Lurie Children's Heart Center, pediatric cardiologists diagnosed Opal with cardiomyopathy, a type of heart muscle disorder that weakens the heart. After a long wait, the call came that Opal would get a new heart and much more. Just three days after the transplant, her baby brother Apollo was born.

Meet Jaquez - Last fall, Jaquez was starting his senior year of high school, looking forward to playing sports, going to prom in the spring, and graduating with his classmates, but he started missing school with a persistent cough. Jaquez came to Lurie Children’s in hopes of finding a remedy, but several rounds of tests later he found his heart was in critical condition and needed a transplant. Late last winter, Jaquez went into heart failure. During the height of the pandemic in Chicago, he “sheltered at the hospital” where he awaited a life-saving heart transplant. Excellent care from his team from Lurie Children's Heart Center and unwavering support from Children’s Services helped Jaquez stay in great spirits while he waited.

After six months, Jaquez received a healthy heart and a new chance at life. Today, he is enrolled in virtual classes at Southern Illinois University, with hopes of pursuing a career that incorporates music education and business.

Meet James & Louie - After 4 ambulance transports, 9 different hospital rooms, and 163 days, twin brothers James and Louis were able to be together again in neighboring rooms on Lurie Children's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) this summer. First-time parents Monica and James LaCapra spent several months coordinating visits between their local hospital and Lurie Children’s, where their newborn babies received care for heart and lung complications related to prematurity. It was the first time since birth that the twins were in the same building. "These boys have been social distancing since the womb," their mom Monica says. "We were able to hold both our boys at the same time. We are so blessed and overwhelmed with love and happiness for our little family.

Meet Faith - When Faith was adopted in 2009, her mom, Linda, knew she was quite sick. She looked for answers believing her daughter had primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), a rare genetic condition which causes a buildup of mucus. She found Lurie Children’s and met with a team from pulmonary medicine, which recommended treatment similar to treating cystic fibrosis. Faith’s mom Linda says, “That’s when life began for my daughter.”

With consistent follow-up care in the PCD clinic, Faith is a healthy, active 11-year-old child with the goal of becoming a “ninja.”

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Meet Elizabeth - At three years old, Elizabeth was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF), a genetic disorder that can impact your breathing and growth. At-home management of CF is time-consuming and involves daily treatments and medication to help her breathe easier. In 2018, Elizabeth joined a clinical trial led by Lurie Children’s for a drug that could help restore lung function for children with CF.

Through this new treatment, Elizabeth saw dramatic improvements in her ability to breathe on her own, giving her family hope for a longer and fuller life.

Meet Abby - When Abby was diagnosed with leukemia at two months old, “it was the worst moment of our lives,” says her mother Melissa. “You don’t know how a two-month-old will survive cancer.” After receiving treatment at her local hospital, she reached remission but could quickly relapse. The only cure was a stem cell transplant, and the only hospital in the region that could perform the procedure was Lurie Children’s. Right away, the family visited Lurie Children’s to meet with Abby’s new team of caregivers that included doctors, nurses, and a child life specialist to comfort her.

Today, Abby is a healthy toddler who loves Minnie Mouse and going to the beach.

Meet Benjamin - When Benjamin was 7 years old, he was diagnosed with leukemia and began with nine months of intense chemotherapy and weekly clinics to monitor his cell count. In September 2016, he transitioned to a "maintenance" phase, which includes daily chemotherapy pills, weekly antibiotics and monthly clinic visits for IV chemotherapy.

Today, 10-year-old Benjamin and his family now help kids just like him by fundraising for cancer research.

Meet Amadeo - Amadeo, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his leg in August 2019. While chemotherapy helped stop the spread of Amadeo’s cancer, he needed surgery to remove the tumor in his leg for the best survival rate. After discussing their son’s options together, Melody and Ramiro opened the conversation to Amadeo, and he decided that he wanted to do what was needed to live. In June 2020, Amadeo celebrated his final round of chemotherapy with a soda toast for his family and caregivers, and walked out of Lurie Children’s with a cheerful send-off from his nurses. Back at home with his parents and younger sister, Amadeo, now 10, is relearning how to ride a bike and swim. “The doctors and nurses at the hospital are my heroes,” Amadeo said. “They saved my life.”

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