Chicago Locations Where you can get a COVID-19 Vaccine

General practitioner giving flu shot to a senior woman

COVID-19 vaccinations are now available for phase 1B, but its still confusing where you can get one.

Here’s who eligible during phase 1B:

  • Chicagoans age 65 and older, with special priority given to people 75 and older and people 65 and older with underlying medical conditions.
  • Frontline essential workers:
  • Correctional workers.
  • First responders.
  • Grocery store workers.
  • People working in manufacturing/factory settings with outbreaks.
  • Day care, K-12 and early education workers.
  • Public transit workers.
  • Other manufacturing workers.
  • Agriculture workers.
  • Continuity of government and postal workers.
  • People from Phase 1A, including health care workers.

You can get vaccinated at hospitals, doctors, some pharmacies and mass vaccination sites.

For vaccinations across Chicagoland and Illinois, click here for an interactive map.

For Chicago only vaccinations, you can use the map below which shows you locations near you to an appointment.

Appointments are very full, so be patient and search around at multiple locations and you might find one.

Good luck!

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