Chicagoan Shares City History through TIkTok

With all of us cooped up inside, a lot of us are looking for entertainment, be it listening to my show, reading a good book, or watching a new show streaming on T.V.. One local Chicagoan has taken the other side of entertainment, though, by providing it with a historical flair.

Shermann Thomas of Auburn Gresham has turned to Tik Tok to bring a slice of Local Chicago history to the online world. This month he is taking part in Black History month and shining a light on notable African American Chicagoans who made their mark of the history of the city as well as the country. And most of it is all improvised!

Apart from Black History month, Shermann is also planning on making a TikTok from every one of Chicago’s 77 Neighborhoods. If you’re wanting to learn a little bit about our cities history and some educational entertainment, head on over to the full story here. Thank you Shermann for sharing your knowledge of our great city with the world!