Cubs Minor League Player Busted with 21 Pounds of Meth

25-year-old Chicago Cubs Minor Leaguer Jesus Camargo-Corrales was busted in Colorado with 21 pounds of meth and over a pound of Oxycodone pills that he had stuffed - in his official Chicago Cubs duffel bag.

Camargo-Corrales was pulled over last week near Vail after a cop saw him speeding and drifting lanes in his BMW. He told the cop there were no drugs in his car, mentioning the Cubs' anti-doping policy and adding that he was on the way to Denver to teach a children's baseball clinic.

A K-9 officer disagreed, alerting cops to check the car, where they found Camargo-Corrales duffel bag, filled with his baseball bat and gloves - along with over 20 pounds of meth and just over a pound of Oxycodones.

He was arrested, charged with a few felonies and has to appear in court on March 30th.

A Cubs rep said the franchise "is aware" of their Minor Leaguer's arrest.

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