A Rare Yellow Cardinal has been Spotted in Chicago

Over in Rushville, Illinois, a once in a lifetime sight appeared in Chelsea Currys backyard. Chelsea, who is a second-generation birdwatcher, saw something extremely special back in February. As she went out to her backyard, she noticed a peculiar looking yellow bird eating out of its feeder. Turns out that yellow bird was an extremely rare Yellow Cardinal.

That's right, a yellow cardinal, they exist, and this is the first and only one spotted in Illinois. What makes this a once in a lifetime experience, is that out of the 12 million cardinals in North America There are only 12 known yellow ones. For the past couple of weeks now the bird has been a regular to Chelsea's backyard, so who knows how long she has that once in a lifetime sight.

If you want to see a picture of the bird or to know more about the story, head on over to the main article here. Enjoy the Cardinal Chelsea, make sure it feels welcome enough to come back, maybe it'll like listening to Delilah at night!