Chicago Voted the 2nd most Beautiful City in the World

We all know we are the best at something Chicago, and usually that something is everything, but recently Time Out Magazine confirmed us something we thought we were best at all a log.

Time Out has announced that, through the power of online polling and voting, Chicago is the second most beautiful city in the world! Coming in second to Prague, 79 percent of voters deemed the city of Chicago beautiful beating spots like Paris, Amsterdam, and Vienna.

The ranking was based on the city's vast abundance of parklands, stunning architecture, and clean streets. That’s not all though, Time Out found through an index survey that Chicago was the second most fun city in the world and the second-best city for “Community Spirit” over the past year.

If you want to know more details about the ranking, what other places got on the list, and where Chicago stands on other rankings, head on over to the main article here.

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