New Food Hall Down Town!

It's been a while, but they are slowly coming back to Chicago, Food Halls!

That’s right, the first food hall to be built since the start of the pandemic is opening this month. The new food hall, called Urban Space, is based on a similar food hall in New York.

Located on State and Washington, right in the middle of the loop, the food hall will feature 12 restaurants, with familiar local names like Isla Pilpina (Is-LA Pill-Pea-Nah), Edzo’s Burgers, and Sushi Dokku, to name a few. This isn’t the only Urban Space Food Hall opening downtown though, with another one with a similar restaurant planned to open in February in the Willis Tower.

An interesting twist to the new food hall includes the ability to order from different restaurants at the same time, cutting out all the hassle of having to wait in lines. The hall also allows small businesses to have a safe haven when trying to operate inexpensive downtown.

If you want to know more about the new food halls, when they are going to open, and what restaurants might be there, head on over to the main article here.

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