Ice Cream Museum Opening on Mag Mile

Over on the Mag Mile a new experience is being created, and with a sweet twist.

In 2022, the Museum of Ice Cream will be opening a location here in Chicago. Located in The Shops at the Tribune Tower, the museum will consist of over 13 thousand feet of ice cream goodness.

The “Museum” will consist of 14 sweet -themed installations, including a “Sprinkle Pool”, as well as historical ice cream memorabilia, shops, and a cafe.

One of the themed rooms includes the Sprink-L, where people will go through an “L” inspired room dubbed the “Pink Line”. Though the museum isn’t set to open until next year, reservations will be open ahead of time.

So, if you want to go through an ice cream themed experience right in the heart of downtown Chicago, head on over to the main article here.

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