Lurie Children's Radiothon

Join our Lurie Children’s Radiothon live holiday broadcast to raise funds in support of the patients and families at Lurie Children’s Hospital. Tune in to hear stories of breakthroughs, bravery and healthier futures for kids. All funds raised through Radiothon help fuel research, support families in need and provide lifesaving care to more kids.

On December 9th from 6am-7pm you can help by listening to 93.9 Lite FM or Rock 95.5 FM and make a donation to support Lurie Children's Hospitals patients.

Click here and make a difference with your gift or call 888-831-7733 or text Lurie to 51555.

When you support Lurie Children's, you're helping kids get life-saving care.

Patient Stories:

After twins Josh and Jake were born in January 2020, Josh was diagnosed with a severe congenital heart defect. He would need a set of three open-heart surgeries as well as round-the-clock care at home. First-time parents Maggie and Steve first felt overwhelmed—but Lurie Children’s made it easier. Today, Josh has successfully completed his first open heart surgery, and is playing, laughing and growing alongside his twin brother. When you give to #LurieRadiothon today, you can help kids like Josh. You can call 93.9 LiteFM or Rock955CHI at 1-888-831-7733 or give online today: CLICK HERE

As a college student, Rosa was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and began chemotherapy at Lurie Children’s – all while attending classes and working part-time. The treatment took its toll and she had to pause school, causing her to lose insurance. When chemotherapy did not send her into remission, a stem cell transplant would offer her the best chance at survival. Through Lurie Children's Access for Every Child fund, Rosa received the financial support to receive the life-saving transplant. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the help I received,” she shared. Helping patient families regardless of their social and economic circumstances has always been at the core of Lurie Children's mission—and when you give today, you can help support healthier futures for patients like Rosa.

Bella's parents turned to Dr. Sandi Lam, Division Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery, to perform a complex brain surgery. In February 2020, Bella had her last seizure. Today, she is a happy toddler who loves being outside, listening to music and playing with her brother and sister. When you support Lurie Children's Radiothon, you can help kids like Bella. Tune in to 93.9 LiteFM or Rock955CHI to hear Bella's family share their story and pledge your support.

Throughout her lifelong journey with sickle cell disease, creating her own artwork has helped eight-year-old Mya cope. Mya also regularly attends the Sickle Cell Disease Program clinic, where she learned about a T-shirt design contest in which one patient’s design is chosen for a T-shirt sold in the hospital’s gift shop.

Her winning design features sickled blood cells in the shape of a heart with a message: “If you have sickle cell you should be proud of yourself. When you have sickle cell times can be hard. You should believe in yourself.”

Now, Mya’s design is proudly worn by the team who has cared for her all her life, with a message she hopes will help others in her shoes.

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