Local Veterans Work on Art Through Facebook.

Over in Glenwood, a local veteran has started a group that helps other veterans let their creative spirit fly. Over the past months, Navy veteran William Schranz, has started a Facebook group called Veteran Art Collective.

The aim of the group is to foster a creative and supportive space for other veterans to share their artistic endeavors. The art ranges from painting to metal working and even silly putty. The collective began as an idea between Schranz and another artist who began creating art in art therapy and were curious how many veteran artists were out there in the world.

The group does other functions as well, it provides resources to veterans who want to find local art programming and opportunities for veterans, and provides a space for veterans to sell their art.

There are many artists part of the collective that you can go and support, so head on over to the main article here. Thank you so much to our veterans for making the greatest sacrifice in serving our country and continuing to serve by giving back and creating wonderful art!

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