South Chicago is getting a redesign.

South Chicago has been an integral part of Chicago since the city's inception. With steel mills providing economic opportunities in the1800’s, the diverse neighborhood became one of the most vibrant commercial corridors in Chicago. In the past 50 years though, the neighborhood has experienced job loss, economic hardship, and population decline.

In an effort to revitalize this important corridor, the city is using part of the INVEST South/West initiative for a project that aims to redesign Commercial Avenue, the major road on the corridor. Between 83rrd and 92rd street, the project aims to provide the area with safe, walkable, attractive streets that will foster community and economic growth.

The project includes roadway improvements, drainage improvements, bike lanes, side street improvements and much more. This will hopefully bring new life to such a beautiful and historical part of the city.

If you would like to know more about the improvements that are planned for South Chicago, head over to the main article here.

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