Shedd Aquarium Renovations.

Over at the Shedd Aquarium, some big changes are coming. A couple weeks ago, the Shedd Aquarium announced its new five hundred million dollar project in their eight year plan called the Centennial Commitment. The commitment is aimed to bridge the empathy gap between humans and nature.

This connection will involve creating new aquarium galleries with immersive experiences and programs. One example of this is the north gallery, which houses the rivers, islands and lakes exhibit, which will be renovated into a Caribbean coral reef habitat within a 40-foot glass tunnel.

Renovations are expected to be finished in 2026, ahead of their 2030 100th anniversary. After the renovations the remainder of the funds will go towards expanding local and far-reaching education programs, and fund new approaches developed by aquarium researchers to combat climate change and loss of biodiversity.

So if you want to know more about this major Shedd Aquarium project, head on over to the main article here.

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