Dog Saved in Lake Michigan!

With the city being so big, sometimes it is hard to find the little moment that shines within the neighborhoods. One of these moments happened a couple days ago when the fire department saved a dog that almost drifted away in the lake.

The dog, a 7-year old Alaskan klee kai named Pepper, and his owner were taking a walk Tuesday morning near Olive Park north of Navy Pier when the pup ran off its leash, slipped on icy rocks and dropped 2 feet onto ice sheets. Pepper tried to climb back to its owner, but the ice sheet cracked and started floating away. The rescue happened quickly, with firefighters already at the 31st Street Harbor for a routine morning practice of underwater dives.

This means that about 40 people responded to rescue Pepper in less than 10 minutes. The entire rescue took about 15 minutes. Pepper was then taken to Veterinary Emergency Group hospital, where caretakers stabilized his condition. Pepper is safe and healthy now with his owner, far away from the lake.

If you want to know more about Peppers story, head on over to the main article here. And please if you are walking with your pet, or anyone for that matter, be careful around the lake.

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