Foxes Around Chicago!

Over the past couple of months some furry friends have started to show themselves more than they usually would around the city.

These furry friends are the Red Fox. Foxes have been spotted all over the city, ranging from the lakefront, to the forest preserve, and even next to the Cabrini Rowhouses, which is leaving most of us curious about where they came from and why they are showing up. Someone who has been trying to find the answer to these questions is Seth Magle, the director of the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute.

Mangle says that the foxes may be roaming further for food, taking more risks near people like crossing busier streets, because they can’t find food where they’ve been living during the winter. It’s not uncommon to see wild dogs roaming through the city though, with there being a sizable coyote population here. So what does this mean for the average citizen on the street? Magel recommends that for any kind of wildlife that you should “observe, don’t disturb” and that you do not try to feed them.

If you want to know more about the foxes in the city, head on over to the main article here.

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