New Exhibit at the Field Museum!

One of the prize institutions of Chicago is opening up a new exhibit that will take you to the depths of prehistoric oceans.

Over the past couple weeks the Field Museum has unveiled its new exhibit “Jurassic Oceans : Monsters of the Deep”. The immersive exhibit aims to bring life to the unvisited yet intriguing depths of the Jurassic seas. The Exhibit features more than 100 fossils and models of marine creatures dating back over two hundred million years. Along with the fossils, the exhibit includes lighting effects, backdrops and projections of computer-generated imagery of creatures swimming around to enhance the “underwater” experience for guests.

This exhibit is unique not just for the subject being shown in it, but also for the fact that it also allows you to touch and feel the fossils in a way that you wouldn't normally be able to in a museum. The exhibit is here for most of the year, with it staying at the field museum through September the 5th, where it will then move to its next stop on a U.S. tour.

So if you are looking for a day trip, need a reason to go and visit the field museum, or just love dinosaurs and the amazing animals that used to roam our planet, head on over to the main article here.

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