DuSable Lake Shore Drive Might be Getting Some Changes.

For the longest time, neighborhoods running along Du-Sab-le Lake Shore Drive have been trying to find ways to bring some much needed change to a fairly unchanged road. Over the past couple of days though, this new change has finally come to fruition with the city unveiling five redesign proposals that are being considered for Du-Sab-le Lake Shore Drive.

Since 2013 the city and state’s transportation agencies have worked on the Redefine the Drive plan that is aimed to reconstruct Du-Sab-le Lake Shore Drive from Grand to Hollywood avenues, a stretch of road that has been relatively unchanged since the 1930’s and is now slowly deteriorating.

There are 5 plans that are being presented for consideration; “The Essential” which keeps much of the existing street while giving buses “priority junctions. “The Addition” which retains four lanes for traffic while adding a fifth for buses. “The Exchange” which converts one of the four lines into a bus-only lane. “The Flex” which converts one of the four lanes into a shared-lane between buses and toll-paying drivers. And finally, “The Double Flex” which converts two of the four lanes for bus and toll traffic.

Whichever way the change comes, it will be nice to see some care put into a road that is one of the major arteries of the city. If you want to know more about what changes are coming to Du-Sab-le Lake Shore Drive, head on over to the main article here.

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