Cook County Flag Candidates.

Let’s face it Chicago, Cook County's flag isn’t really the most pleasant on the eyes, definitely not as iconic as the Chicago flag, with its prominent red stars and blue and white stripes. It turns out that county officials feel the same way towards our country's flag, and that is why back in 2019 they put out a call for a new redesign of the flag.

3 years later the decision has gotten down to 6 student-led designs as their finalists. Now instead of a “Seal on a Bedsheet” we have 6 potential options that include: “Freedom”, “Harmony”, “I Will”, “New Century Flag”, “Our Star”, and “Strides For Cook County”.

All the flags have their own symbolic takes on the county's foundations, the lake, the Ferris Wheel, and our forest preserves to name a few. And while they all have different takes on our County, one thing is for sure, they are all inspirational creative expressions of what Cook County means to all of us.

I encourage you to head over to the main article here and see of the suggested flags not only to see what might become our new county flag, but also to give recognition to those who put the time in to create something new for our city and county we live in.

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