Ed Sheeran Loved Fan's Remix Of His Song So Much He Officially Released It

Photo: Getty Images

Ed Sheeran just did possibly one of the coolest things a pop musician can do in this digital age, he collaborated with some fans on TikTok! Back in early April, Ed posted a TikTok of him reacting to a remix of his most recent song "2step" by TikTok user and producing duo Star.One. The remix reimagined Sheeran's song as a "garage track." Turns out, the "Shape of You" singer loved it so much that he made plans to officially release the remixed version of the song with Star.One!

He took to Twitter to announce that the song was out on May 12, writing "You've heard this one before... Big up [Greg James] for making it possible." According to their artist bio, Adam and Joe are "brothers, actual blood brothers, and we've been doing our best Timbaland and DJ EZ impersonations since as long as I can remember but it was 2011 we decided to make music together... We like UK Garage, Grime, House, Dancehall, Afrobeat, Jungle and pop music so I guess our sound is an infusion of all those things and more."

After the song dropped, they took to social media to express their enthusiasm about the opportunity to work with the Grammy-award winning artist. "Yo Tiktok you’ve changed our lives! The @edsheeran - 2Step remix is out everywhere now what a journey," they wrote on a TikTok.

The song "2step" is off Sheeran's latest album called =. The song has received multiple remixes and versions first with a feature from Lil Baby and again with Ukrainian band Antytila. You can listen to the newest version of the track below.

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