This Is The Best Apple Pie In All Of Illinois

Homemade Organic Apple Pie Dessert

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It is National Apple Pie Day, so celebrate Chicago style! The best place to order a crispy, gooey slice of heaven is inside of the Ukrainian Village neighborhood. The shop itself is small and vintage, but there is nothing small about the pie that is served.

According to a list put together by Wide Open Eats, you can find the best apple pie in Illinois at Hooizer Mama Pie Company in Chicago. Hooizer Mama Pie Company is popular among locals and tourists because of the variety of flavors that are offered in accordance with an ever-changing daily pie menu. Wide Open Eats shared the importance of stopping by the pie company on the days that they are serving apple pie, as you do not want to miss out on their one-of-a-kind slices.

Here is what Wide Open Eats had to say about the best place to get apple pie in Chicago:

"With a rotating daily pie menu, make sure you stop by on the days that they're serving up their warm apple pie. It's so delicious that it will absolutely be worth your trip to the Ukranian Village neighborhood of Chicago to stuff yourself into a tiny, retro-styled shop."

For a list of the best apple pie in each state visit HERE.

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