Chicago CTA Riders Walk Subway Tunnels After Train Stops

Chicago Transit Train Derails Injuring Over 20 People

Photo: Getty Images

Chicago residents riding the CTA on Tuesday morning were stopped for nearly an hour before they decided to take matters into their own hands. According to FOX32, extreme heat conditions became too much for passengers to handle, so they simply exited the train and walked down the subway tunnel to the station.

"It was super hot, we were sweaty. People were taking off their masks because it was so hot," Art Institute of Chicago student Isaac Hart who was riding the train, explained to FOX32. "The person standing next to me was pregnant … and eventually had to go ask for someone’s seat."

After sitting on the stopped train for 20 minutes with no explanation of what was happening, a passenger pressed a button to get into contact with the CTA and detail the situation.

"We were waiting there, and after 20 minutes someone pressed the button to talk to the operator but we didn’t get a response," Hart shared.

After a failed attempt, riders tried a few more times in desperation and finally got into contact with a customer service agent who wasn't much help.

"The CTA didn’t say anything. We told the CTA the car number, where we were. Most of the people in customer service didn’t know there was a problem yet. They couldn’t tell us anything."

Without prevail, the passengers collectively decided to exit the train, travel down the tunnels and leave. The trains started back up again shortly after the incident.

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