This Restaurant Serves The Best Chicken Tenders In Illinois

Chicken nuggets and French fries

Photo: Getty Images

When in doubt, chicken tenders. Chicken tenders are available at an abundance of restaurants across the country. Wether they are on the menu as a main dish with a side of fries, or on the kids menu at a restaurant that doesn't serve it as an entree, they are almost always an option. Chicken tenders are often served with potatoes in various forms, greens, and dipping sauces ranging from ketchup to ranch depending on preference. Some restaurants even give their customers the option to choose between fried and grilled tenders. Though this common food order is widely available, there is one Illinois restaurant that serves the best chicken tenders.

According to Eat This Not That, the best chicken tenders served in Illinois can be found at Chicken Lit Tenders & Wings in Naperville. Not only do they serve the best chicken tenders, but their wings are also highly rated.

Here is what Eat This Not That had to say about the best chicken tenders in the entire state:

"Lots of yummy fried comfort foods appear on the menu at Chicken Lit, including some of the best wings in Illinois. They come in three-, five-, and seven-piece packs, with or without fries and butter toast. Guests love the Yummy Sauce and recommend it highly."

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