This Restaurant Serves The Best Brunch In Illinois

Brunch table with various dishes - fried eggs, crepes and tapas

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Brunch is for everyone. It is for those who can't quite make it to breakfast after a long night out, and those who didn't get a chance to eat before their morning workout. Brunch is for the people who let their phones eat first, and for those who simply can't wait to stuff their face with delicious food the second that it's placed on the table. It's for those who romanticize morning coffee, and those who romanticize an afternoon of bottomless mimosa deals with friends. Brunch is for the açaí bowl lovers, and the sausage, egg, and cheese with a side of bacon and hash-browns crowd. Regardless of what brunch means to you, there is one restaurant in Illinois that does it better than the rest.

According to a list compiled by Cheapism, the best place to brunch in Illinois is at Lou Mitchell's Restaurant & Bakery located in Chicago. Cheapism recommended that first timers try the Belgium malted pecan and bacon waffle.

Here is what Cheapism had to say about the best place to brunch in the entire state:

"More a diner than restaurant or bakery, Lou Mitchell's will make just about anything you order (there are three Benedicts and six breakfast meats on the menu), but the pecan and bacon waffle hits the right balance of sweet and savory. Also, if you ever find yourself waiting in line for brunch here, you'll do so with a complimentary cup of coffee and some free donut bites."

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