New Baseball Hats with Deep Dish Pizza On Them are Stirring Up Trouble

Baseball season is coming soon Chicago and with it, new baseball caps have caused a bit of controversy. For the beginning of the season the New Era Cap Company released a bunch of new caps for the teams of the MLB, which includes new caps for the Cubs and the White Sox.

This is where the controversy comes in, the new hats include a deep dish pizza on them. This has caused a lot of Chicagoans to comment on the hat, saying that the new design is a bit more cartoonish compared to other teams hats, and that the makers could have chosen a better “Chicago” Item to put on the hat. What’s even more interesting is that thin-crust pizza is eaten more than any other pizza in Chicago.

If you would like to see the ridiculous hat you can head over to the Chicago Eater article here.

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