Farmers Markets are Back to Town Bigger Than Ever!

With the loosening of COVID 19-restrictions across the City and State, Farmers markets are making a comeback faster than people can keep track of. The first markets started popping up around May, which was the floodgates for the rest of them, with over hundreds of vendors now setting up shop.

Now there are over 50 Chicago area Farmers Markets, with some of them being in the suburbs. Now while these are a lot of markets to keep track of, the folks over at the tribune have mad an interactive map that not only shows you where each market is, but also who is going to be there, what the details on covid-19 protocols are, weather it is dog friends, if you need to reserve a time, and so much more.

So, if you are looking to help local producers, or what your local Farmers market has to offer for you head on over to the main article here.