O'Hare Wants Your Opinions On Their New constructions.

Over at O’Hare, City planners are setting the stage for a major overhaul of the airport. The City plans on building a brand-new global terminal, punching a hole in its west side, and adding two new concourses.

What this means for you though, apart from hopefully having an easier time traveling at O’Hare, is that you get to have a say in the whole process. The Federal Aviation Administration is giving citizens of Chicago the chance to Chime in and leave their comments and opinions about the major overhaul all the way through July 9th. All you need to do is go over to the FAA’s website FAA DOT GOV to leave a comment there.

You can also call in and send a comment through mail, with all that information right here. Let's hope our airport, known across the world, is the way Chicago wants it.