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#DelilahBookClub ... "The Stolen Lady" | October Book

For no particular reason, I’ve been drawn to stories that take place during the World War II era. I’ve always loved historical fiction, and there are quite a number of really good books available right now that are set during this period.

It was a time when the world hung by a thread and families nervously crowded around the wireless longing to hear news of victory. And it was a time when villains seemed easy to identify and heroes were plentiful too. A time of good and evil, victory and defeat, hope and despair… suspenseful and full of intrigue. Ok, maybe there IS a particular reason I’ve been drawn to this era - it so easily lends itself to rich and immersive reading material. I can’t seem to get enough!

Like this month’s pick. “The Stolen Lady” , by Laura Morelli, a stunning historical novel about two women, separated by five hundred years, united by their roles in hiding Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Anne Guichard is a young archivist working at the Louve in 1939, the dawn of WWII. Her daily life is thrown into upheaval as the Nazis draw near and a mad scramble to hide the museum’s precious artwork - including the Mona Lisa - begins. Her job in art preservation is now cloaked in fear and danger.

Bellina Sardi is a servant girl in a much earlier time. The year is 1479, and her mistress, Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a wealthy silk merchant, is to have her portrait painted by Master Leonardo da Vinci. This too was a period of extreme unrest, when the Florentines were rising up to overthrow the Medici family and their wealthy beneficiaries. Bellina becomes guardian to a dangerous and valuable secret.

“When art and war collide, Leonardo da Vinci, his beautiful subject Lisa, and the portrait find themselves in the crosshairs of history. “

Fans of historical fiction will love this! Those who appreciate art will love this! Anyone who has visited France, Paris, or the Louvre will love this! WWII buffs will love this! I can’t think of anyone who won’t love this!

Laura Morelli is a masterful storyteller and imbues her characters with optimism and hope despite the dangerous games of cat and mouse they find themselves intricately immersed in. I found myself in a time machine bouncing between centuries and fearfully protective of The Stolen Lady.

Here’s where you can get your copy: The Stolen Lady

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