Study may show Link between levels of Vitamin D and severity of COVID-19

A new study (which has not completed peer review) may show that people with low vitamin D levels are at a higher risk for Coronavirus symptoms. Researchers compared average vitamin D levels in 20 European countries with COVID-19 mortality rates and found “significant relationships” between the two. “We believe that we can advise vitamin D supplementation to protect against [COVID-19],”.  Another recent study found that people who took vitamin D supplements cut their risk of chest infections in half. Vitamin D is known to help protect the body against viral and bacterial infection and develop a greater immunity, so this might make sense. It is estimated that more than 40 percent of US adults are Vitamin D deficient especially in the northern states. Most of our bodies will create Vitamin D in the skin when we are exposed to sunlight. About 15 minutes a day is a good amount (people with darker skin may need more sunlight to produce the valuable vitamin). You can also find Vitamin D in foods like egg yolks, salmon and MILK. You can always ask your doctor about your Vitamin D levels and whether they suggest supplements. There is no clearcut evidence yet regarding Vitamin D and the link with COVID-19, however it has many people discussing the possibilities. Here is the LINK to an article that explains the research further. Here is the link to the study which has NOT completed peer review, but suggests the findings.