White Castle Reveals 'Flippy', A Robot that can Cook Burgers & Fries

White Castle said they were going to use a cooking robot in one location this fall, according to Business Insider. The robot, Flippy is built by Miso Robotics, and can work the fry machines, flip burgers and perform other functions. This is Flippy's first fling with fast food, but it's already used in places like Dodgers Stadium. Miso's collaboration with White Castle has been behind the scenes for about a year, but the coronavirus accelerated the need for contactless cooking and automation. White Castle's vice president said human employees shouldn't feel threatened by Flippy. "We're not dialing down on the number of people in a restaurant," "Flippy helps us increase speed of service and frees team members up to focus more on other areas we want to concentrate on." Flippy will start on fries this fall, and might expand to other duties. What do you think?