Couple Marry a Second Time after Husband's Dementia...and it's Beautiful

This is my favorite story of the week. Bill and Ann of Aberdeen have been married for 13 years and together for over 20. Over the last year Bill's dementia has gotten so bad that he no longer recognizes his wife or even her name. During all of this he's come to love Ann as his girlfriend and asked her for a full week period if she would marry him. She of course said "yes", and never considered he would actually remember asking her...but he did. So, she finally decided to go through with it and while their family was home for a visit they made it happen. The beautiful part of the story is that Ann thought the honeymoon phase would only last a day or two and Bill would eventually forget. But, it didn' lasted over 6 weeks. That was six weeks together as man and wife she say's she will never forget. What a gift. ❤️