UH OH!! There's Now a Shortage of Bubble Tea

  • Bubble tea is the latest product to fall victim to the pandemic-related food shortages.
  • The tea-based drink filled with chewy tapioca pearls, also known as boba, has become scarce around the U.S. as major shipping issues overseas are preventing deliveries of boba balls and tapioca starch, The San Fransisco Chronicle reported.
  • Boba shop owners are warning customers that it could take months to return to a stable supply.
  • The owners of Boba Co., who also run the popular Boba Guys stores across the country, explained the ongoing issue on Instagram last week, noting that this is an "industry-wide shortage."
  • The shortage is expected to last months. A typical shipment that usually takes a month to arrive in the U.S. is now taking four to five months.