Baby Born on Flight to Hawaii

  • A newborn baby got his first frequent flyer miles last week. 
  • The child was born on a Delta Airlines flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu.
  • Lavina "Lavi" Mounga went into labor only 29 weeks into her pregnancy.
  • Luckily for her, there was a doctor and three NICU nurses aboard the flight. 
  • Dr. Dale Glenn said, "About halfway through the flight, there was an emergency call, and I've experienced this before, and usually they're pretty clear asking if there is a doctor on board. This call was not like this, and it was fairly urgent. I let the flight attendant know that I’m a physician, and she said we have a woman having a baby, so I hurried over to see what I could do."
  • Glenn continued, "I don't know how a patient gets so lucky as to have three neonatal intensive care nurses onboard the same flight when she is in emergency labor, but that was the situation we were in. Everybody jumped in together, and everyone helped out."
  • The pilot announced the successful birth, and the passengers applauded. 
  • The baby boy was named Raymond. Mother and son were taken to the hospital when they landed in Hawaii.