Woman 'Blown Away' After Balloon with Birthday Money Floats Off

  • A woman was literally blown away when she opened a birthday gift containing more than $100 in cash!  
  • Nikki Walker was celebrating her 37th birthday with family when her mum gave her the balloon with some cash money attached to it. When she opened the box it was in, she didn’t quite grasp the balloon in time – and it caught the wind and floated off. Bye bye birthday cash!
  • A hilarious video shows Nikki jumping to try and grab the personalized pink balloon as they slipped through her fingers and floated up into the sky. 
  • The family can be heard laughing and shouting in complete shock as she puts her hand to her mouth in horror.
  • "It all just happened in a split second - I didn’t have a chance to react. Everyone was just in total shock watching," Walker said, adding that it didn't even occur to her that the cash would be on the balloon. 
  • "I felt really stupid at first. Who would open a helium balloon outside on a windy day?" she said.
  • Have you ever lost some cash gift in a "stupid" way?!