Jaws of Life Used on Fetish Artist Who Got Stuck in Folding Steel Chair

High Angle View Of Empty Foldable Chair On Floorboard

Photo: EyeEm

  • Firefighters were forced to use the jaws of life on a 27-year-old woman who became stuck in a folding metal chair after a "fetish" stunt went wrong Wednesday.
  • TikTok user Sydney Jo shared videos showing her stuck in the chair, then firefighters arriving and trying to cut her out of it. The rescuers were finally forced to use the hydraulic tool known as "the jaws of life" to free her.
  • She later explained in another video she's an online sex worker who got stuck in the chair after a "specific stuck fetish" went wrong. She didn't reveal to her rescuers how she got stuck, telling them she got bound up in the chair while working on a school project.