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Rare Sodas Are Disappearing

You know how you're the last person on earth loving Tab Soda, but you can always seem to find it in the soda section of one or two special stores? Or perhaps online? Well, that may be harder to do in the next coming years as rare sodas become harder and harder to find. Just recently Pepsi nixed Sierra Mist for a new lemon lime soda called Starry. Now, Americans are starting to notice that not only is Sierra Mist going to be hard to find, but many others will be difficult as well. Like these....

-Diet Dr. Pepper, which has faced higher demand, just like other diet products. The owners of Fresca have faced the same issue.

-Nehi Orange and Squirt, which are all owned now by Keurig, which has been affected by an aluminum shortage.

-Mello Yello, whose owners say they are focusing on producing better-selling products, like one you may have heard of called 'Coca-Cola'.

-Vernor's ginger ale, Faygo Firework and blue Fanta, which fans say have been playing hide and seek on shelves throughout the country.

-Barq's Red Creme Soda, which is no longer distributed in every part of the US.

Brown soda in a clear glass

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