Bride Gets Married In $69 Wedding Gown. 60 Years Later, She Puts The Dress Back On

When Janith Goedde got married to Joe in 1957, she walked down the aisle in a $69 wedding gown.

To celebrate her 60th anniversary, Janith decided to do something special: try her wedding gown on once again.

Janith had just lost 40 pounds, and someone mentioned that she’d probably fit back in her wedding dress - so she went to get it from the attic.

Her 84-year-old groom told reporters that his 80-year-old wife “still looks beautiful.”

For their 60th anniversary, they wanted to celebrate in a major way. They gathered together 60 family members a few days before their anniversary to celebrate their long-lasting marriage. They ate cake, talked with their family and friends, and enjoyed their time together.

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