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Mick Lee

Mick Lee is a Chicago radio personality and the Program Director of WLIT, 93.9 LITE FM. Originally from upstate NY, Mick wanted to be a radio DJ as a...Full Bio


You Can Help Chicago Find Its Christmas Tree

The City of Chicago is looking for it's next Christmas Tree for Millennium Park and it could be yours!

The city is accepting nominations for it's 104th Christmas Tree now through October 20th.

In order to secure the perfect tree, all trees nominated must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 55 feet or taller;
  • Be located less than 100 miles from Chicago’s Loop; 
  • Preferably, be a Spruce or Fir Tree. 
  • Pine trees are ineligible, they are not sturdy enough.
  • Trees that do not meet the criteria will not be considered.

All submissions need to include: the owner(s) name, address, phone and email; at least two photographs (one from afar and one up close); and a brief description of why the tree should be Chicago’s official Christmas Tree including any background information on the tree that makes it special.

Trees can be nominated via email to DCASE@cityofchicago.org or by mail to the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, ATTN: Christmas Tree Contest, 78 E. Washington Street, Chicago, IL. 60602 (must be received by October 20). 

If your tree wins, you and your family will be invited to the lighting ceremony on November 17.

More info here...

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