If Your Chicago Home Smells Like Rotting Cherries, Read This!!

(photo: Charles Wilson / EyeEm)

If you come home and find your house smelling like something similar to rotten cherries, it might be stink bugs!!

Chicagoans are starting to find them in their homes this month as the insects leave the cooling outdoors for warmer spaces.

The bugs, which can reach three-quarters of an inch in length smells like decaying almonds or rotting cherries when they are threatened OR squashed.

To keep them out, make sure you seal all cracks, doors, windows and entry points.

To get rid of them, you can use a vacuum, just make sure you throw the bag away immediately! Also, make sure if you kill them, do it on a hard, flat surface...not on carpet or furniture. That would be a nasty mess!

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