Tom Petty Loved Performing in Chicago

As a lover of the blues, Tom Petty LOVED Chicago.

He performed dozens and dozens of times in this city over the course of his amazing career.

In 2006, he was honored by the city with an official "Tom Petty Day" proclamation. Signed by then-Mayor Richard M. Daley, the proclamation described him as "an icon" who has "touched the hearts of many around the world."

His appearance at Wrigley Field over the summer would end up being his last one. Petty wore a Cubs jersey with his name on the back for the encore.“We came here first in 1977, and fell in love with your town,” he said, according to an Illinois Entertainer account. “Thank you so much for coming for 40 years.”

Here's the band performing "Born in Chicago" a few years ago:

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