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New McDonalds in West Loop will Feature Menu Items from Around the World


(photo above Getty Images - McDonald's in Beijing, China)

McDonald’s logo is the most recognized symbol in the world and they have restaurants in pretty much every country on Earth. Because of this, their international menus often tend to offer American items AND local food that fits the culture. 

We'll soon be able to try some of these international menu items right here in Chicago! The new 6,000 square foot restaurant at their new headquarters in West Loop will feature foods from around the world.

Menu items will include:

  • Cheese & bacon loaded fries from Australia
  • The Mighty Angus Burger From Canada
  • McSpicy chicken sandwich from Hong Kong
  • McFlurry Prestigio from Brazil
  • Mozza Salad from France
  • Manhattan Salad from France
  • and more!

These items will be in addition to their traditional menu items.

Check out Delilah trying some of the international menu here!

The new store is located at 110 N. Carpenter Street and opens tomorrow (April 25th) and will offer table service as well. Can't wait to try it out!

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