Indiana Police Officer Rescues Raccoon with jar on its head

Officer Josh Gauger, of the Danville Metropolitan Police Department encountered a raccoon with a jar on its head.

During the rescue, he freed the raccoon from a peanut butter jar.

The police department shared the video online with the quote:

"If it wasn’t caught on video, you probably wouldn’t believe it happened....AGAIN! While on patrol last night, Officer Josh Gauger noticed a familiar sight... a raccoon with a jar on its head. If you remember, back in June, Officer Gauger freed a raccoon from a peanut butter jar. Now, it appears that someone has been canning something delicious, and (possibly) the same raccoon didn’t learn his lesson the last time. There’s never a dull moment in this profession..."

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time the officer has encountered this raccoon in the same situation. They posted a video a few months ago from a previous incident!

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