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Mick Lee

Mick Lee is a Chicago radio personality and the Program Director of WLIT, 93.9 LITE FM. Originally from upstate NY, Mick wanted to be a radio DJ as a...Full Bio


Chicago ranks No. 3 on Orkin's list of bed bug cities

EWW! Chicago still has one of the country's worst bed bug problems, according to a cringe-worthy ranking... There is a silver lining to this though. Chicago was #1 on the list from 2012-2016...so its an improvement? LOL

The list is determined by the number of bed bug treatments the pest control company serviced in the last year.

Orkin's Top 10 Bed Bug Cities:


2.Washington, D.C.


4.Los Angeles

5.Columbus, Ohio

6.New York (+2)

7.Cincinnati (-1)

8.Detroit (-1)

9.Atlanta (+4)

10.Philadelphia (+2)

See more here.

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