Naperville Walmart Greeter with Cerebral Palsy may lose job

Walmart is changing its 'door greeter' job description, and that means many employees will be out of jobs... many of which are filled by workers with disabilities.

For 19 years, Craig Goodwin has been a greeter at the Walmart in Naperville. He loves his job and now doesn't know what he's going to do.

Walmart issued this statement:

"As we strive to constantly improve the experience for our customers, we will need to adjust roles from time to time. We've recently shared our plans to change the responsibilities of the people greeter role in some stores and that involves associates with disabilities in some cases. We recognize that our associates with physical disabilities face a unique situation. With that in mind, we will be extending the current 60-day greeter transition period for associates with disabilities while we explore the circumstances and potential accommodations, for each individual, that can be made within each store. This allows these associates to continue their employment at the store as valued members of the team while we seek an acceptable, customized solution for all of those involved."

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