Mick Lee

Mick Lee

Mick Lee is a Chicago radio personality and the Program Director of WLIT, 93.9 LITE FM. Originally from upstate NY, Mick wanted to be a radio DJ as a...Full Bio


Chicago's $49 Gourmet Hotdog

Chicagoans certainly know how to enjoy a tasty hot dog...but what would be the top price you'd be willing to pay? How about $49???

That's the price of a dog found at Omni Hotel in Chicago!

Introducing the "For the W" wild wagyu beef wiener with some interesting toppings:

-Foie gras mousse

-Shaved black truffles

-12 day-fermented garlic turned into a black garlic aioli

-Shaved wagyu beef

-Microgreens grown hydroponically in-house

-Whiskey-caramalized onions

-"Fleur de sel," aka fancy French sea salt

The dish also comes with a french fries and a complimentary cocktail to make it a LITTLE more worth it.

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