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Mick Lee

Mick Lee is a Chicago radio personality and the Program Director of WLIT, 93.9 LITE FM. Originally from upstate NY, Mick wanted to be a radio DJ as a...Full Bio


Two Illinois Pizza Restaurants Make List of Best in the Country

The Daily Meal has released its list of the "101 Best Pizzas in America" and 2 Illinois pizza joints made the top 10 (and another 7 made the top 101 list!)

Here they are!

1. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana (New Haven, Connecticut)

2. Lucali (Brooklyn, New York)

3. Razza Pizza Artigianale (Jersey City, New Jersey)

4. Pequod's (Chicago and Morton Grove, Illinois)

5. Buddy's Pizza (Detroit, Michigan)

6. Totonno's (Brooklyn, NY)

7. Sally's Apizza (New Haven, Connecticut)

8. Patsy's (New York, New York)

9. Lou Malnati's Pizzeria (Chicago, Illinois)

10. John's of Bleecker Street (New York, New York)

21. Piece Brewery and Pizzeria (Chicago, Illinois)

27. Burt's Place (Morton Grove, Illinois)

40. CoalFire Pizza (Chicago, Illinois)

48.Vito & Nick's (Chicago, Illinois)

67.Piano's (Chicago, Illinois)

68. Pizzeria Bebu (Chicago, Illinois)

79.Bonci (Chicago, Illinois)

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