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Gayle King is NOT Happy About the Christmas Music on LITE FM

We became Chicago's Christmas Music station yesterday afternoon at 4pm!

We've received thousands of happy messages, phone calls and emails (with a few negative responses as well), but one big complaint stood out this morning! CBS This Morning's Gayle King is NOT happy about the Christmas music starting here on LITE FM.

She added it to the list of "Things I find irritating....A radio station in Chicago getting into the Christmas spirit very early." She also stated that we should have waited until Thanksgiving first.

Here's the thing and the argument I always make:

First, if early Christmas music makes you angry, there are so many other terrible things going on in this world that are far worse. Take the energy and put it toward that.

Second, as stated earlier, millions of people LOVE early Christmas music. If it makes other people happy, then why get annoyed about it? Just let them enjoy it!

Anyway, for anyone wanting to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, feel free to listen at 93.9 in Chicago or on the iHeartRadio App here!

You can see Gayle's full discussion below:

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