Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Pulled Over for Traffic Infraction in Wisconsin

(photo: Waukesha County Sheriff's Department)

On Monday in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, a large vehicle was pulled over for not slowing down or changing lanes to accommodate a driver who'd pulled over to the side of the highway.

That large vehicle was not a semi, but rather Oscar Mayer's hot dog-shaped Wienermobile, which travels the country to promote the brand.

The driver got off with a verbal warning, but people had a blast with the situation on Facebook, where Marshall Doane joked, "The last thing I need is a wiener hitting me at 70 mph when I'm bent over trying to change a tire."

Meanwhile, Jeff Shelton quipped, "Wonder how long it took the officer to 'ketchup.' I'm sure when he did, they had a very 'frank' discussion."

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