Cadbury Names a 2-Legged Dog "Lieutenant Dan" as its New Mascot

On Tuesday, candy maker Cadbury announced that its new "Cadbury Bunny" mascot is an adorable two-legged dog named Lieutenant Dan.

In a news release, Cadbury noted that the pup--who is frequently seen wearing pink bunny ears in photos--"has overcome adversity [and] has won the hearts of America." Lieutenant Dan, who had to have his two back legs and tail amputated due to a birth deformity, sometimes uses a modified wheelchair to scoot around.

However, his owner, Laura Weber, tells CNN that "he doesn't know that he has a handicap. He just knows he has this wonderful life to live and he enjoys every day of it."

Lieutenant Dan will be showing off his good life in an upcoming TV ad, while Weber will get $5,000.

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