Man Intentionally Coughs on gas Pump While Mentioning Coronavirus

A California man may face charges in Arizona after he intentionally coughed on a gas pump handle while talking about coronavirus.

The New York Post reports that the 23-year-old admitted to pulling that prank--which he posted video of to Snapchat--after cops called him in for questioning this past weekend. "He came in willingly and did a full interview,” said Yuma Police Sgt. Lori Franklin.

“He admitted to the fact that that was him on the video...He blatantly coughed on the handle and said, ‘This is how you get coronavirus.'" Police added in a statement that he was inspired by "other social media videos," that he has not shown any coronavirus symptoms and that he's yet to be arrested.

Still, prosecutors in Yuma will now review the case and decide whether to charge him with unlawful use of infectious biological substance, a felony.

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