Chicago Couple Trapped in Home After Finding Python on Front Step

Kelly Bryant of Chicago said she was trapped in her home after finding a 4-foot-long python on her doorstep.

"Like even standing here right now, I'm still kind of on edge," she told a local TV station. "Anything wiggly, squirmy worms, snakes; terrified.” Bryant's wife called police, who sent a Chicago Animal Care and Control officer, where a neighbor helped wildlife officials capture the animal. "She actually held open the pillowcase to shove the big -- I guess it's a python, into the pillow case," Bryant said.

Chicago pet store owner Allison Babbitt said the snake was a ball python, who are usually friendly and docile."They are the sweetest, kindest snakes out there. There is no threat of them getting loose and breeding like they do in Florida," Babbitt said. "They will not be able to survive the winter here.”

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