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Mick Lee

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Michigan Teen Decorates His Neighbors’ Homes for Christmas Every Year

A Michigan teen named AJ Vultaggio, 18, has loved decorating for the holidays since he can remember.

“It’s always been such a positive thing in my life, decorating, that’s why I enjoy doing it so much.”

What started as a family affair grew after AJ began making money mowing lawns in the summer. His earnings went to fueling his love for decorations going shopping with his grandpa.

“I’d buy stuff every year and eventually it started to really accumulate."

About six years ago, his neighbor asked AJ if he wanted to expand his display, and that he was more than welcome to use their yard.

"They knew that I had extra decorations and we’d joke around and they always said, ‘you can extend over,’” said AJ. “So, in 2016, I ended up doing their yard.”

After that another neighbor asked and so on and so on.

“He will be out there literally every day off, after work, in between classes,” said Nicole Vigneau, AJ’s neighbor.

“My favorite part about doing all of this is I love seeing the people’s reactions. People come from all over and you just see their faces light up,” said AJ. “It makes it all worth it just for that. I get so much enjoyment just lighting people up and getting them into the spirit of the season.”

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